With over 35 workshops, garden hayrides, a barn dance and four keynote addresses, I enjoyed a full weekend of seed-saving celebration and information at Heritage Farm.

I spent this weekend meeting amazing people with amazing stories to tell, and went to inspirational talks and workshops about seed saving. some of my fevered talks where:

Craig LeHoullier – tomorrow’s Heirlooms, Breeding new tomato varieties.

Woody Tasch – Slow Money- Investing as food, farms & Fertility matters, his book is a must for everyone and his ideas are the future.

Matthew Dillon- Community Seed System, past and present. You wont believe what the big companies did to take over the seed system.

*Later on they interviewed me for a documentary they are filming.

Jeff McCormack- Isolation distances, principles & practices. Founder, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange.

31st Annual Seed Savers Exchange Conference & Campout

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