I wanted to promote the issue of the importance in establishing a local market where food is grown locally (with out the need of shipping), and more importantly grown in an ecological manner with no herbicides, pesticides, soil preserving and enhancing.

The first step was Eco- Cinema; we played the movies – “ Story of stuff ”, “The power of community” and “Food Inc”.  And brought a speaker, Alex Kachan Sustainable Agriculture Instructor, Maharishi University of Management Sustainable Living Dept.

A lot of students and local people came, the movie “Food Inc” is very shocking, it shoes’ the brutality of the meet and food industry’s and the decline of forests and land do to aggressive agriculture.

After the movie we talked about how each one of us should  know how the food they eat is grown and understand the importance of good nutrition.

use our biggest power, perches, in order to change the market.


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