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Pretty cool, we got mentioned in Haaretz, Israels most highly acclaimed newspaper!

ניצחון לתושבים: מים יוזרמו לנחל עין-זהב


כנס קמפוסים ירוקים – בדגש התייעלות וחסכון באנרגיה

אורגן ע”י המכללה האקדמית תל-חי בשיתוף המשרד להגנת הסביבה ועמותת מגמה ירוקה

After 3 years of struggle to save the draying Ein Zahav stream, Ein Zahav will be flowing again.

The water authority announced that in the next few month they will let some water back to nature (200 metric cube per year), and that in the next year Neviot water company will stop taking water from Ein Zahav fountain.

That’s the best news possible, to actually make a significant change.

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green course

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local news

We devoted this earth day to water. There are a lot of rivers flowing in “Hula Valley” and a lot of truism, which especially after a holiday leaves the rivers plotted with human garbage.

In order to rise awareness we had a happening in the kayaking company of Kfar Bloom, which use the river Jordan for kayaking, in the early morning we went on a hike to clean the riverbed and went back down the river in kayaks to clean inside the river. In the site we had the happening were we had activities for kids; second hand “give and take” market, Millet Information stations for local and international environmental problems (killing of dolphins…), and many more activities.

It takes a lot of effort to show people what is really important in their life.

Tu Bishvat or “The New Year of the Trees” is a grate opportunity to touch the public about environmental issues.

The idea of connecting people, organizations and the municipality to take act, is my goal.

we got together student groups, local volunteer organization, Student council from a few schools and got the municipality to help. The title of the day was “every one is joining the struggle to save Ein Zahav stream”.

Each grope of us tuck a particular role, there was tree planting, all kinds of environmental workshops for kids, a play for kids and we cleaned all around the riverbed.

A lot of people shooed up it was perfection, and the Mayer spoke and sent a letter to the water authority telling them that the people want the water flowing once again in “Ein Zahav”.

I wanted to promote the issue of the importance in establishing a local market where food is grown locally (with out the need of shipping), and more importantly grown in an ecological manner with no herbicides, pesticides, soil preserving and enhancing.

The first step was Eco- Cinema; we played the movies – “ Story of stuff ”, “The power of community” and “Food Inc”.  And brought a speaker, Alex Kachan Sustainable Agriculture Instructor, Maharishi University of Management Sustainable Living Dept.

A lot of students and local people came, the movie “Food Inc” is very shocking, it shoes’ the brutality of the meet and food industry’s and the decline of forests and land do to aggressive agriculture.

After the movie we talked about how each one of us should  know how the food they eat is grown and understand the importance of good nutrition.

use our biggest power, perches, in order to change the market.


There is a huge amount of pruned branches being burned part of massive agriculture in Hula Valley. During the night and early morning the bowl shape of the valley brings cold winds down the slops. This process is called inversion, where cold air forms above wormer air.

When the farmers burn their pruned branches the smoke gets trapped batwing the layers of the inversion, the smoke engulfs settlements around that aria.



To raise some awareness we crated a conference invited a professional speaker- Moshe Shalit from the environmentl unit in local counsel, and government officials from the department of agriculture.

After the publication in the national newspaper about the waist of a third of the water “Neviot” takes from “Ein Zahav” fountain. I found out there is going to be a meeting between “Neviot” and Israeli Water Authority at the factory of “Neviot”.

The Israeli Water Authority is in charge of all water resources in Israel and they are the decision makers for all water issues.

I organized with the activist’s a demonstration in front of “Neviot” company gates.

It was grate, I was interviewed for TV and radio, the police arrested me in order to stop the demonstration, and we got very good feedback from the community.

After, the Israeli Water Authority announced that it was now their intention to help save the draying river.

After our first meeting we decided to start the first 3 days of the semester with a green market. We had a give and take second hand product that the students bring, a market for sustainable goods, Millet Information for recycling, compost, local and international environmental association (Greenpeace).

Also we had lots of good vibes, perfect combination.

The story of “Neviot” mineral water company is a micro cosmos for the way mineral company’s world wide exploit small community’s and their natural resources, with the hope of bringing work to the aria.

“Neviot” get their waters from “Ein zahav” fountain in Kiriat shmona. They get 300,000 metric cubes p

er year we found out that a third of the water is going to the sewage, their profit is huge more then 2000% profit and they do not give anything back to the community nothing. This is very barbaric whey for a company to act.

We went strait to the press, and “Mariv” (big Israeli news paper) posted.