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Pretty cool, we got mentioned in Haaretz, Israels most highly acclaimed newspaper!

ניצחון לתושבים: מים יוזרמו לנחל עין-זהב


Ahola vally

First post on this blog. Let’s start with why I am doing this. Like the rest of the creatures born on this planet, over the course of our lives we learn and grow by observing the good and the bad that life has to offer. I spend my life trying to find answers to some difficult questions and now I need to find some inspiration, find a way to make this place better and reduce the waste.
I had just finished my 3 year mandatory army service, traveled in India for a while and felt that I need to pursue higher education. The problem is that most of the paths may lead you to personal gain, but will leave you just a cog in the system. I need to find something more inspirational. I don’t understand people who want to study all this non-sense like, Law, Accounting or Economics…. I want something interesting that could give meaning to my life, now and in the future.

So whats next?

My brother, Kenny, told me about a Bcs in Environmental Science in Tel-Chai colege based in Northern Israel (Galil Elion), in the Hula valley.  In my opinion it is the most beautiful and interesting place in Israel. It sits on the syrian-african rift (which is the deapest rift, the Dead Sea is -400m).  The area is a big wet land (swamps) millions of years old.  The western mountains of Ramot Naftali are made from sand stone and the eastern mountains (Golan heights) are bazel, ancient volcano.

This place holds allot of varietions in a very small area. However, the most amazing thing is the biggest bird migration in the world which passes through the Hula Vally. The birds prefer it because of the hot air streems in the rift. They migrate in the millions, it’s crazy!

So with the blog I will keep you posted on the details of my exciting new future, studying environmental science!