Born in Israel of diverse backgrounds, I have had a multi-cultural upbringing and travelled the world extensively. I’ve experienced a sense of how interelated and interdependent we all are and that maintaining the world’s spiritual and cultural heritage of natural awareness is facing many challenges. The impact of poverty and non-sustainable development in different parts of the world inspired me to become environmentally active and gain a better understanding of nature’s complexity.

Studies at Tel-Hai Academic College, Israel

I have majored in Environmental Studies which include water treatment, land & soil properties, geology, biology and microbiology, botanic, environmental hydro- chemistry, environment and agriculture. While studying I worked as coordinator for the Green Course program in Tel Hai College, organizing events with other volunteers in the community. Green Course is Israel’s largest volunteer envornmental organization, committed to promoting environmental awareness and training the environmental leaders of the future. Green Course, was founded under the auspices of the Society for the Preservation of Nature in Israel (SPNI) in 1997.


Pollution caused by intensive agriculture is the biggest threat to health in the Hula Valley in northern Israel, where I now live. Many herbicides and pesticides (including organic phosphors) are used. As the drainage basin for the ‘Sea of Galilee’, it has become of major importance to address this issue. I am really excited to have the opportunity to contribute towards improving the situation towards more sustainable life from this vantage point. The time I spent at Seed Savers Exchange helped broaden my understanding of sustainable life and gave me many practical tools towards my mission.


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